In loving memory of Dan
August 31st 1986 – August 27th 2006

“Dan the man”, or “Danno” as he was often called by his family, his friends and all those that loved him and respected him, lived his life day by day. His free spirit gave enjoyment to all those around him and everyone became energized by his warmth and kind nature.

Dan was such a considerate young man; he was also polite and helpful, even to strangers, who would simply pass him by on a busy street. He would always stop and take time to listen to their problems and very often part with any change he happened to have in his pocket.

In turn, Dan’s love of fishing and just being outside listening to the sounds of nature would always bring him a deep spiritual happiness. All animals were his friends. Another passion that Dan enjoyed was cooking, trying new dishes, experimenting with ingredients and tasting what nature had to offer. It was therefore a natural path for him to join a culinary college and to start training to be a professional chef. Sadly, Dan’s life came to a tragic end so soon after, at the young age of just 19 – with his life’s journey just about to begin…..

Despite being a very close family, our world was torn apart when Dan died of a drug overdose. His all too brief existence in this world had been scarred by sexual abuse. We ask that you please take the time to read the tragic story in ‘an untold story‘.

We are passionate about helping others and hopefully save the lives of other youth who need our support during such dark times.