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Dan’s Legacy’s Rural Recovery Centre

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We are kicking off the campaign to fund our Rural Recovery Centre. This facility will house up to ten young people for a year or more in a farm like setting. Youth dealing with addiction issues will have access to therapy, lifeskills and workskills while they live and work together at our working organic sustainable farm. They will continue with their education and over the year of their stay will learn about organic sustainable farming, animal husbandry, construction skills, cooking, budgeting, goal setting, personal lifeskills and have access to in depth therapy. We know that when a young person is self medicating with drugs or alcohol they are dealing within internal pain or chaos and until they deal with these core issues they will continue or relapse. They need help to heal inner wounds from past abuse, whether it is sexual, verbal, violence or neglect so that the symptoms of depression, anxiety, sleep and eating disorders and other psychological issues vanish. When finished their stay we will continue to work with them over the next few years to ensure that they continue to do well.

This will be an expensive venture for such a young organization but it is desperately needed for Metro Vancouver. We are now looking for suitable land as well as for donors who wish to invest in this life changing project. Anticipated costs are approximately $20,000 per youth for a year of such intensive programming. But the cost of not intervening with a youth person who is starting down the trail of addictions over the next ten years of their life is in the millions and that does not consider the chaos created within their lives, their families or within their communities.

Donate to the Rural Recovery Centre Fund

Donate to the Rural Recovery Centre Fund to help change the lives of young people in need of the help this centre will provide.