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Impact - Don Shafer with Tom Littlewood,
Dan's Legacy and Drew Stewart, Aunt Leah's
February 18, 2016

Drew Stewart and Tom Littewood

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Reports on Dan's Legacy Programming

June 4th, 2014

Dan's legacy has received reports on its treatment model.

New Resource for At-Risk-Youth

Issued Date: January 18th, 2014

(Vancouver, B.C.) Kevin Snook, founding chairman of the Dan Snook Trust Foundation, announced a new proactive phase of professional initiatives to further its commitment to transforming and enriching the lives of troubled youths in our community. "Dan's Legacy", the working name of this new programming initiative, seeks not only to provide specialized counseling, targeting 15 to 25 year olds who have experienced abuse and/or struggling with addiction issues, but also provide workshops for parents stressed out in their efforts to cope with teens dealing with these struggles.

Originally founded as a registered Canadian charitable trust eight years ago following the tragic death of his son, Dan Snook, the foundation has provided bursaries towards the cost of training in the culinary arts to youths that have suffered through abuse and/or addiction issues to provide a transformative start in reestablishing purposeful lives in an effort to prevent more tragic outcomes.

The Board of Directors of the Foundation have appointed Tom Littlewood as program director and specialized counsellor to structure and administer both the counselling and workshop aspects of this new initiative. At risk youth, their parents and organizations dealing with such abuse or addiction issues are asked to get in touch with him for more information at

In order to fund these programs, Kevin Snook has tapped the culinary talents of his colleagues world-wide to produce a set of seafood cookbooks that are available on the web site Your tax deductable donations are both needed, and appreciated. You can donate securely through our website and have the assurance that 100% of book sales and donations will go to funding this important work with youth and their families in our community, as our fundraising is done by the volunteer efforts of a dedicated committee.