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Therapeutic Counselling

  • Counselling is available for young people (15 to 25 yrs) who have been affected by abuse and addiction issues
  • These issues manifest as depression, anxiety, sleep and eating disorders or through self-medication with drugs or alcohol
  • You do not need to face these problems alone and your conversations will be private and confidential
  • Family counselling is also available
  • Young people and their families who cannot afford therapy will now be able to access it through our counselling bursaries
  • Read about our New Treatment Model.

Dan's Legacy's Current Programming and Partners

Youth who are affected by abuse and addiction can realize their educational and housing goals once they learn to manage personal issues such as depression, anxiety, eating and sleeping disorders as well as addiction.

In partnership with other community-based agencies that provide youth with safe housing or educational opportunities, our counsellors provide the therapy and life skills programs designed to empower our clients to succeed:

  • At the Whytecliff Agile Learning Centre in Langley we provide one-on-one counselling and life-skills instruction to approximately 25 students per semester, in four-month modules. Success rates are measurable and more students, having resolved many of their most pressing issues, graduate every year. For those who need longer-term counselling we continue to provide that support.
  • Aunt Leah's Society operates in Metro Vancouver, helping youth and young mothers transition to independent living. Our counsellors provide one-to-one counseling sessions and life-skills workshops which help them stabilize within their supported housing programs. For those who need longer-term counselling we continue to provide that support.

Our counselling programs help give these young people hope for the future. Issues of depression, anxiety, eating and sleeping disorders and addiction are the outside manifestations of internal chaos. If the inner issues are not resolved, experience shows that the youth, even after experiencing traditional recovery/rehab programs, will likely continue to self-medicate. The possibility of relapse is a very dangerous time for them. We must do more than help them identify triggers; we must empower them to unload their emotional gun.